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A warm welcome. My sweet sister introduced me to yoga 10 years ago and I immediately felt the benefits, both in mind & body. I love sharing these benefits with my students. The ability to feel comfortable in your own unique body, to breathe and flow with awareness of your breath, to find a deeper sense of calm, learning to quieten the busy mind. These lessons learnt on our yoga mat, shift off the mat and into all aspects of our lives. I’ve been fortunate to learn from inspiring teachers. My first training 200 Yoga Alliance was in Ubud, Bali, with Linda Madani of Intuitive Flow and her team of amazing instructors. I am forever grateful to have been mentored by Alexandra Almond of Yoga Sita, Perth, before teaching at Alex’s studio for almost 3 years. My passion to continue sharing yoga, means I am constantly learning and adding to my qualifications. I warmly welcome you to practice with me whether you are a Beginner or a regular practioner.  Love Selena

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